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Our Services


Web Design & Development

Creating customized web platforms with user-friendly designs utilizing cutting edge technology.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications available for both Android and iOS, helping you reach clients through a wider array of options.

Tailor-made Software Solutions

Tell us your requirements, and we will create software solutions to streamline your processes!

Software Reverse Engineering

Re-creating your favorite piece of software, so that you can utilize it as you see fit.

Bug Fixes & Maintenance

Bug fixes that are so good our own maintenance subscriptions lose money. Customer support available for select software purchases as well.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Streamline your businesses by collecting and analyzing data accurately, so that you can make better informed decisions and forecasts.

Data Migration & Integration

Upgrading a system? We can help! Our expertise will enable you to transfer all your valuable data into new systems, ensuring that operations happen smoothly.

IT Consultancy

With our vast experience, we provide a number of consultancy services. Please inquire for more information.

Digital Marketing with SEO

Launching and maintaining digital marketing campaigns, ensuring that your website/ app remains in the forefront of web searches.

Web hosting services

Bringing your websites and applications to life. We provide hosting services too so you can connect with us for a complete pack of services from building to bringing it live.

Corporate Training

We provide a number of educational and skill training opportunities for industry professionals to upgrade their knowledge. Please visit our Academy page for more information.

Our Products



Customizable, comprehensive Covid-proof software for the academic sector


An invoicing and income expense tracking system for your business


Manage multiple outlets’ sales with one software


Complete solution for SMEs to streamline all business activities


Simple manager for your overall activities and process of a realtor

Get in Touch!

Contact us for a demonstration of the available products, or with your own requirements for a new solution!

About Us


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"To be the partner in technologically transforming your business processes."

We believe in being more than ‘just’ another software company that designs a website. Our brand is centered on providing excellent customer service by giving our clients solutions that they may not have thought of, using our vast experience and talented group of software professionals. We provide software solutions on cloud computing, machine learning, business intelligence, and data analytics. Tailor made software solutions are provided demand for various sectors.

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“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” – Simon Sinek

We believe in fostering an ethical culture that is able to have open, honest communication with each other. Our colleagues and clients participate in building this environment, with constructive criticism being encouraged between all parties. The learning process is constant at iSeeQ, with employees being given the opportunity to learn new skills, adding value to client projects.

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Above all, we focus on the professional quality of the software solutions we provide, with timely delivery and error free application.

We consider it a challenge to realize the dreams of our clients, exploring and evolving constantly as we continue to exceed expectations. Our talented staff are multi-faceted, with the proven ability of tackling software solutions designed for complex systems as well as small scale enterprises.



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Frequently Asked Questions?


  • Please take a look at the software solutions we provide listed under “Our Services” which are provided as per your request and we have our software products listed under “Our Products” for you to purchase off the shelf and immediately start using it. It becomes easy as we give free training to familiarize with the product. If you are interested in software-related awareness and education, please visit our Academy.

  • We are located in +5 GMT time zone. So use our official working hours for any new inquiries that is from 9am to 5pm. A planned meeting with flexible times can be arranged after the first official request. Once you become our client, we will have flexible schedules which work for both parties to bring the solution to you.

  • None! We are happy to discuss your problems, and suggest solutions for you, without you having any knowledge on the subject. However, it would be a great to speed up the process if you are clear on what you want to accomplish through the software solution that you are planning to have.

  • This is probably the toughest question we ask customers; what do you want your software to do? Answering questions like “What is this for” and “What should the software do” beforehand will help us understand your requirements. With our experienced staff, we will have no trouble meeting your needs and providing an effective solution.

  • This would depend entirely on the scope of the project, and the time and effort needed to create it. The best way to get a quotation is to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you a solution that matches your budget.

  • We would be happy to help! However please keep in mind that some software changes may take quite some time, depending on the competence of the person creating it originally. It would be much more cost efficient to get your software created from professional developers, such as iSeeQ.

  • We are doing our best to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers as it goes through many testing process which involves you too. However, with technologies there may be still bugs due to updates, so we are ready to fix those immediately when we receive a request from you to our Issues Tracker. Also, we can definitely help you make improvements after the first phase of the project is completed. Apart from that we offer maintenance subscriptions with select software purchases to give the confidence that every aspect of the challenge in the software will be taken care by us for you to run your business.

  • Absolutely, yes. We take pride in our work ethic and confidentiality, and have established security protocols that guard against any information leakage. Our colleagues sign NDAs when being hired as well, and all precautions have been taken against any breach.

  • This would again depend on what type of software you require. We would be happy to demonstrate our products to you, if one existing product meets your requirements.

  • We welcome you to try our services if the project that you have in mind is a minimum 6 months or higher duration based. So our preferred way of doing the pilot project is doing a sub-system of your larger project, or an independent project that completes within itself taking typically 2-4 weeks' duration. We invest the same time and energy in Pilot projects which are not just prototypes, so your commitments are very important too.

  • All details from the inception are recorded in documents before commencing any work with us. Once the project commences, the relevant project manager assigned for you will be in touch with you sharing all the updates regularly with project status reports. So, it is very hard to miss any of your requirements as we believe in user centered design and development that means you are involved with us from the day one with your project till you see the output.

  • We will actually do a great job! But don’t take our word for it; check out what our customers have written here.

  • You can simply mail us if you want more information in details to If you require any simple clarifications, call us using the phone numbers given as contact numbers during the office hours or choose to chat with an agent who is online.

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Founded in 2012, iSeeQ provides excellent software solutions at the best prices. We cater to both local and international clients, and take pride in developing solutions that help businesses grow while maintaining that quintessential human connection with our clients.

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