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Academic management system for any teacher or organization

Digitizing the education sector, iSeeQ is pleased to introduce QAcademy, a single software that can streamline the entire academy management process; from student registrations to content and quizzes, and community forums within the platform.

Whether it is a tuition class or higher education provider or college or freelance trainer, this can be customized as per your need.

This comes with loads of modules for

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  • Complete Information Management of Students and Organization
  • Attendance marking and Monitoring
  • Course and Module management
  • Registration/enrolment
  • Batch creation and scheduling
  • Examination and evaluation
  • Trainer evaluation and payment
  • Lead management and marketing
  • Library management system
  • Learning management system
  • User management
  • Report generation

Along with this the E-learning platform becomes an essential component for any institute or educational program, especially in these uncertain times where a shutdown can happen at any time. Our solution will enable the learning process to transition online smoothly, with students and teachers being able to function effectively from the safety of their homes.

Our Learning Management System will provide the complete educational process for a student, from academic materiel to quizzes and exams. Teachers can be given their own login, able to manage their own materiel as well as logging in student information.

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Founded in 2012, iSeeQ provides excellent software solutions at the best prices. We cater to both local and international clients, and take pride in developing solutions that help businesses grow while maintaining that quintessential human connection with our clients.

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