Manage multiple outlets’ sales with single software

Accurate billing and proof for customers

This POS software goes beyond just processing sales and billing. This comes with a bundle of features and offerings for your business so that you can manage your sales from various outlets regardless of what you sell. Whether you run multiples businesses or have many outlets for the same business, this software will become handy as it has all the capabilities you would look for in a POS software.

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Features of this bundled POS are:

  • Manage multiple outlets’ sales with one software
  • Manager your customers and suppliers
  • Billing at the point of sales
  • Inventory manager with warehouse and stock transfer
  • Returns and credit note handler
  • Loyalty and Gift Vouchers
  • Discount and promotion handling
  • Expense tracker and account manager
  • User Access and Role Management
  • Intergrade with CRM, Ecommerce Platform
  • Dashboards and statistics to give a snapshot of your business
  • User friendly interface with translation

Customized settings for currency, profit margins, discounts, taxes and much more allow you to feel the software as if it is purely crafted for your own business.

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