With our research and development a broad domain is adapted in creating our own products which cater different sectors. It is customisable, modular based, fully integrated,more user friendly and affordable.

"Pick and choose Modules"

QBank Solution

iSeeQ QBank, an integrated software for Bank/Finance sector which provides more scalability with accurate & timely data with operations required all-in-one package. The software solution can run on Windows or Linux operating environment of your choice. “add as we move on” strategy lets you add the modules of your choice and expand your systm's functionality.
  • Leasing and Hire Purchase
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Savings
  • Integrated Financial Modules
  • Notification Module (SMS and Email)
  • Parameterization and Configuration
  • Dashboards with KPIs and CSFs
  • Asset Management
  • Help Desk

"variety of loan creation

    just setting parameters"

QMicro Solution

Microfinance services target at low income individuals or small businesses to lift them out of their financial difficulty as they do not have enough banking facility. With the different mixture of functionality and procedure QMicro lets you track every single activity which you handle in paper form as more work invole in rural areas.

  • Customer and guarantor formation
  • Loan Assessment and contract creation
  • Business Assessment
  • Savings
  • Dues and Collection
  • Attendance and Scheduling
  • Loan Assessment
  • Dashboard and Reporting with KPI/CSFs
  • Cancellations / Write offs
  • Security
  • Dashboards and reports


This solution is for organizations where all business documents can be organized into digital form as digital cabinets give you a greener environment.

  • Work flow Management
  • Locating of documents
  • Integration with other applications
  • Version Control
  • Security and Access Control
  • Attendance and Scheduling and
  • Much more